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With expertise in the field of renewable power and propulsion. We provide quality engineering products and services to OEM and end-user clients

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Urbanisation has become a global trend, with half of the world’s population relocating to cities. The trend is expected to rise. The rapid growth of the world’s population has put pressure on countries to regulate and manage urban resources. Cities offer the most opportunities, act as catalysts

IS 2022 THE YEAR OF ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT?   Around the world, electric-powered aviation projects may be about to revolutionise flight.   Emission-free air travel is on the horizon. After years of development and tantalising demonstrator projects – electric aircraft are finally becoming a reality.    Aviation firms like EGB have set their sights

The moment has come to capitalise on hydrogen’s potential to play a leading role in addressing crucial energy concerns. The recent advances in renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles have demonstrated that policy and technological innovation have the potential to create global clean energy enterprises. With hydrogen-based fuels