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Decarbonisation of Maritime using Advanced Power and Propulsion Technologies


Domestic shipping accounts for approximately 5-7% and 3% of UK and global emissions
respectively. There is no long-term decarbonisation plan in place to address this. In response to this challenge, EGB Engineering have used its expertise to explore feasible solutions for maritime decarbonisation.


What is the Solution?

The problem is not the lack of proposed solutions but the need for more unbiased work to understand and simulate these solutions in real-world scenarios. This is why we are
developing our tool called DeMAPPT.


Decarbornisation of Maritime using Advanced Power and Propulsion Technologies (DeMAPPT).

DeMAPPT can investigate the numerous technologies that reduce emissions from large ships.  Such technologies include hydrogen propulsion and fuel cells, novel engine cycles and electrical propulsion. DeMAPPT is unbiased in technology choice. As such, it
cuts through the noise to provide commercial insight into what technologies offer the most cost-effective solutions to  decarbonise maritime.  


DeMAPPT will be able to:

1. Model and simulate solutions to improve the understanding of large ship decarbonisation;

2. Improve the decision-making process for large ship operators in terms of the technologies of choice; and,

3. Determine the most economically-advantageous low-carbon technologies to deploy;


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