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Nuclear Energy

Our nuclear energy specialists are at the forefront of nuclear and environmental engineering.


EGB Engineering provide nuclear engineering solutions to support the lifetime management of existing and new nuclear power generation facilities. Our nuclear experts develop strategies to enable nuclear plant life extension and nuclear plant performance optimisation. We support the underlying engineering and nuclear safety standards needed to deliver the strategic solution effectively.


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Our Nuclear engineers work closely with our partners to understand the project engineering and safety needs and ensure we offer value added solutions. Our work spans the whole lifecycle and includes Periodic Safety Reviews, outage support, response to emergent nuclear plant faults, supporting power plant life extension activities and performance optimisation

Apart from nuclear for power generation using incumbent systems, EGB is actively involved in R&D of next generation (Gen IV) Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). The work focuses on the design evaluation of reactor power plant cycles to derive cheap, safe and efficient power generation.

Nuclear Energy Services

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Nuclear Energy Services

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Nuclear Energy Services


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HYPER-ION aims is to increase the understanding of the nuclear power plant design by using a bespoke in-house modelling and simulation.

HYPER-ION bridges the technical, economic and risk gaps when analysing a NPP using defined algorithms that mathematically represent various cycle configurations and operations in order to aid the decision-making process of choosing the best economic plant configuration.

The modelling and simulation activities aim to provide a better understanding of how reactor performance, component efficiencies, temperature and pressure ratios, pressure losses, heat sink conditions, cycle configurations and working fluids affect the overall design and cost of the plant. This allows the NPP to be optimised during the initial conceptual phases in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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We are a team of professional engineers and associates with a deep level of understanding and expertise of the nuclear industry, offering unique and innovative consultancy services across the sector.

Delivering value to projects is our ultimate goal, and one which we achieve by engaging directly with our clients to offer comprehensive safety advice, guidance and nuclear engineering strategy implementation at all stages of the nuclear life-cycle.