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With expertise in the field of renewable power and propulsion. We provide quality engineering products and services to OEM and end-user clients

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Our reputation for engineering excellence has been achieved through the delivery of consistent and superior performance standards


We’ve worked, and continue to work on some of the most cutting edge technologies at the pinnacle of science and engineering. We aim to push the boundaries of what is possible, and to help our clients achieve their product and service objectives. Now more that ever, our work and involvement is crucial to helping governments and companies achieve net-zero by 2050. We can only do this by being Dedicated, Innovative and Daring in our technological aspirations in order to deliver successful solutions on time and to budget, and more importantly to maintain our commitment to our clients. Below are brief details of some projects we’ve been involved in.


Transdigm (Formerly Esterline)

EGB Engineering were involved in the conceptualisation, design, development, qualification and new product introduction of high accuracy measurement solutions for gas turbine engines for both aerospace and power generation.

The end clients for these technologies included Rolls-Royce, Safran, and Pratt & Whitney. These measurement solutions included high precision temperature and pressure sensors, speed probes, fluid and motion control components that operated in very harsh environments.

Capabilities provided included material science, mechanical and electrical design, structural and fluid analysis.



Over the years, EGB Engineering have been involved on some of RR’s most cutting edge engine programmes including the Trent XWB, Rolls-Royce’s most advanced and the world’s most fuel efficient large aero-engine with 15% fuel reduction over earlier Trent aero engines.

Our collaborative work on Rolls-Royce projects included turbomachinery design and development, structures, controls design and development, thermodynamic, fluid, and structural analysis.

In all cases, the work has been at design and development phases, ultimately leading to successful engine certification.


Renewable Energy in Africa

EGB Engineering are involved in major renewable energy projects to support development and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Africa’s every increasing energy needs.

Projects include solar and storage. In addition, EGB have supported the realisation of renewable energy frameworks, which led to robust policy developments in host countries. Countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania and Zimbabwe.



EGB Engineering were involved in the development of the Variable Frequency Generator (VFG) for several airframe platforms, in collaboration with Thales, France.

The work supported the design modification of the drive and transmission system, component level and system level testing including endurance and environmental testing, successful analysis, and reporting to support qualification. EGB Engineering also provided technical support on in-service issues, which were investigated to root cause.


Collins Aerospace

EGB Engineering were involved on the C-Series wing flaps and slats actuators development and qualification programme for Collins Aersopace (formerly known as United Technologies).

The scope of engineering work involved development plan definition, development testing (for high pressure, temperature, and strength testing), compiling and submitting verification reports to provide substantiation from development and test evidence.


Nuclear Energy in the UK

Our work in nuclear energy involves Research and Development (R&D) in next generation nuclear energy for fission and fusion applications, with the aim of supporting the UK in achieving secure low-carbon energy for electricity and services.

We create tools to analyse and improve the design of nuclear power plants. We have worked with the UK Government and institutions to support the conceptualisation, design and development of nuclear energy, and to promote nuclear energy as a viable low-carbon generating source compared to other sources of power generation