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Enhancing Kenya’s Growth: EGB’s Sponsorship and Social Value Initiatives

Enhancing Kenya’s Growth: EGB’s Sponsorship and Social Value Initiatives

Rams in Kenya is an annual trip to the schools in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya, which invites Derby County fans, Derby County Community Trust supporters or simply anyone with an interest to take on the trip of a lifetime and improve life for children in the project’s six partner schools.

Since 2012, over 500 volunteers have taken on the adventure, supporting partner schools and their pupils to flourish. Facilitated by African Adventures, the trip benefits the Derby County Community Trust and also the impoverished areas around Nakuru, in Kenya

Every volunteer is tasked with fundraising to cover flights, transfers, accommodation and three meals per day, plus a contribution towards the Community Trust’s programmes at home and the Kenyan school projects.

RAMS Event Sponsored by EGB Engineering

EGB Engineering sponsored Simone Etienne-Ralley who has helped to maintain Cherish Exchange Foundation School, Nakuru, Kenya. With a dedicated team of volunteers, they embarked on a mission to provide support in building requirements and classroom assistance for several schools in the region.The children gained new chances and hope as the Cherish School moved to a new location.

The team worked tirelessly under the Kenyan sun, digging trenches, reinforcing structures, painting walls and playground equipment, mixing cement, planting trees, and preparing the ground for the construction of new classrooms. Despite the labor-intensive work, the volunteers remained motivated by their unwavering dedication to the children and the knowledge that their efforts would have a lasting impact.

The beautiful children, aged 3 to 8, filled the school with love and joy. Many of them walked for over an hour each day to attend school, often consuming their only meal of the day there.Volunteers shared unforgettable moments of singing, dancing, and playtime with the children. They had the opportunity to assist teachers in the classroom, marking books and engaging in vocal activities like songs and chants due to limited resources. The experience touched Volunteers deeply, evoking both excitement and tears.

During their stay, the volunteers joined in the celebration of Madaraki Day, Kenya’s Independence Day. It was a time for cultural exchange, bonding, and distributing donations to the children. The generous contributions included new uniforms, underwear, hygiene products, exercise books, pencil cases with coloring pencils, stickers, sweets, and a meal that included meat—a luxury for the children. These acts of kindness made a significant difference in the lives of the children and fostered a sense of hope and gratitude.

This journey as a volunteer at Cherish Exchange Foundation School has left an indelible mark. Simone Etienne-Ralley proudly declares herself a Cherish Ambassador and is committed to returning and continuing her efforts in the future. The collective impact of the volunteers’ work, supported by organisations like Derby County Community Trust and African Adventures, has touched the lives of everyone at the school. Over 500 volunteers contributed to the ongoing success of the project, demonstrating the power of passion and dedication.

Simone Etienne-Ralley expresses deep gratitude to EGB and her other sponsors for their support and donations that have paved the way for Cherish and its children. Simone invites other businesses interested in making a difference to explore sponsorship opportunities. EGB Engineering have played a part in getting Simone  over to Kenya and their sponsorship has helped to make a difference in children’s lives.

Simone also urges those contemplating volunteering to take the leap, emphasising how life-changing and humbling the experience can be. Volunteering not only transforms the lives of less fortunate children and families but also fosters gratitude for the blessings others have.

We also want to add that Emmanuel Osigwe, who recently received a presentation plaque from the Derby County Football Club, expressed his thoughts on the club’s charitable efforts in Africa. He remarked,

“It was interesting and impressive to see how Derby County FC Charity Trust is supporting schools in Africa, and EGB is happy to be supporting that cause.”