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Expertise In Renewable Energy: A Catalyst For Development In Africa

Expertise In Renewable Energy: A Catalyst For Development In Africa

There is a need for a clean and reliable power source within Africa amidst the swiftly growing population in the continent. 

Africa is rapidly maximising its development in social and economic spheres, and it is the need of the hour to invest in greener, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices via power generation and power infrastructure at its core. EGB’s competence in renewable energy and its ongoing efforts are supporting this development in the African region.

Africa has seen an increase in average population growth by 6% over the past fifteen years. Experts foresee this rate doubling by the year 2050. This rapid and continuous growth in population creates a wide inequality in the region as half of Africa’s population is without power.

The power challenges currently faced by the region, are due to the limited power generation capacity of existing power plants and the poor maintenance and outdated technology of these power plants. The underdeveloped distribution and transmission networks alongside weak regulatory framework and the sub-standard performance of utility companies also adds to this. These challenges make the African region an unattractive proposition for private investors.

At EGB, we are supporting efforts to increase renewable energy capacities in Africa. International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)‘s statistics show that 80% of all new electricity utility set ups in 2020, exclusively function on renewable energy sources.

For Africa to grow in renewable energy capabilities and to build a future that has clean and sustainable power sources, EGB’s support is instrumental. Prospective stakeholders monitoring Africa’s performance in renewable energy are also likely to expand these capabilities by offering project management and technical skills to improve and transform the regions full potential.

EGB Engineering is also catalysing efforts to enhance renewable energy systems. Now is the right time to invest in energy solutions, so current and future populations have a clean, green and reliable power source to build an innovative future.

Africa has outstanding potential to build upon and develop green power generation sources. Solar and wind projects already established in both cities and rural communities are a testament to that.

It is apparent that through continuous effort and sharing of expertise, renewable energy will be at the forefront for driving development and a lasting change in Africa.